Frank Fontannaz first opened his office for business in 1932 in the port of Liverpool acting as a broker/dealer.
Early success and a desire to be close to the financial centre of England led him to relocate operations to the city of London a few years later.

Specialising initially in agricultural goods from Africa, Sri Lanka and the Far East, strong links were forged with receivers and consumers in Northern Europe and Scandinavia in particular. As a result the company was purchased by one of its main supporters, Aarhus Oliefabrik Denmark in 1973.

Now established solely as a brokerage concern, the company began to expand still further, with the opening of offices abroad; Frank Fontannaz Malaysia in 1990 and Frank Fontannaz Rotterdam in 2001, specialising in the rapidly developing palmoil markets and complementing the company's existing business in other vegetable oils and seeds. After an association with Aarhus which lasted for more than 30 years the company was purchased by its management in 2007 which has led to expansion of the business in new areas primarily to do with utilising vegetable oils and other feedstocks to produce Biodiesel and energy as an alternative to fossil fuels, capatilising on the strengths of sourcing, market information and logistics which are the cornerstone of Fontannaz.


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